In a surprising turn of events at the Olympic Qualifiers for archery, former World No. 1 deepika Kumari of india faced an unexpected defeat in the opening round to Yaylagul Ramazanova from Azerbaijan. Deepika, entering the match as the second seed, started strongly by winning the first two sets, establishing a 4-0 lead. However, her performance took a downturn in the subsequent sets.

Deepika's shooting accuracy wavered significantly in the third and fourth sets, scoring 23 and 24 points respectively, with several arrows landing in the outer rings. This allowed Yaylagul to level the match at 4-4 heading into the final set. Despite a valiant effort, deepika couldn't recover fully, and Yaylagul clinched the victory with a score of 6-4 in sets (26-28, 25-27, 23-26, 24-25, 27-29).

A team official cited issues with Deepika's release and anchoring her bow properly, possibly attributing it to pressure or other factors rather than equipment malfunction. This unexpected defeat means that deepika Kumari will not be securing an individual quota for the upcoming Olympics.

Meanwhile, Ankita Bhakat, seeded ninth, secured India's individual Olympic quota in archery, contrasting Deepika's disappointment with her success in the qualifiers. The focus now shifts to the upcoming stages of the World Cup, where India's teams will strive to secure team quotas for the paris Olympics amidst tough competition from other nations.

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