Apple is known as the company that sells the most expensive phones. No other mobile company in the market produces phones that are accessible to the common man and expensive phones. Apple's accounting is different. Every phone made in that country is expensive. And.. when it comes to the latest models.. the prices are enough to make even the middle class and upper middle class think twice. apple company's new calculation has become confusing for customers who buy at such a price.

As a part of environmental protection.. it has stopped giving adapters (chargers) to those who buy their new phones. Apple is already implementing this policy in some countries. Brazil is also on the list of countries that sell phones without giving an adapter. Disagreeing with the policy followed by apple, the Brazilian government has decided to ban the sale of iPhones in their country. It is clear to permit sales except if customers are given a charging adapter.

With the decision taken by apple, even giant mobile phone manufacturers like samsung, Oppo, and One Plus are not providing charging adapters. The main complaint is that they are putting an extra burden on the users with the manner of mobile companies. In this regard, the Brazilian government has already imposed heavy fines on apple company several times. However, apple changed its mind and decided to ban it at the last minute.

In the name of 'Operation Discharge', the sale of iphone models at apple stores and retailers across the country has been suspended. Shocked by this, apple asked the Brazilian government to permit to sell iPhones. However, it has made it clear that they will accept the sale of iPhones without adapters in the phones sold in their country. The adapter is said to be necessary for the phone to work. On the other hand, by stopping giving charging adapters every time a phone is bought, they are bringing to the fore the worst argument that electronic waste can be reduced all over the world.

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