Tesla Smartphone: Will you get amazing features with a tesla smartphone? You will be happy to know!

If you are looking for a smartphone in which your data is safe and does not store any data, then a big news for you. A glimpse of the tesla smartphone has come out. Know the details.

The smartphone market is growing very fast in India. Many companies are now adding artificial intelligence i.e. AI features to their new models. In such a situation, a glimpse of a special phone has been shown on the popular social media platform X (formerly Twitter). Yes, you will also be surprised to know about this phone. You must be thinking that we are talking about the features of the phone, but not the features of the smartphone, but there is something else, which can make you happy. Know the full details ahead.

Glimpse of tesla phone

A user named Elon Musk - A parody on the X platform gave information about the special phone. Elon Musk - Parody user wrote in a post on Monday 10 June, would you like to buy a tesla smartphone? Your information will not be collected. Along with this, free Starlink and free X Premium. He has further given two options, A- Yes and B- No.

The growing scope of technological development and AI is making people's work easier. In the era of AI, it is becoming even more difficult to keep data safe. In such a situation, the question is whether Tesla's smartphone will not store people's data. people will have to wait to know the answer to this. There is no official information about this phone yet.

People gave their reaction

Many reactions have come to this post of Elon Musk - Parody so far. People have given their reactions to this post. Till the time of writing the news, this post has got 19.9 million views. 159K comments, 32K reposts, 370K likes, and 6.4K saves have been done.

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