Indian Govt Agency CERT-In Issues High-Security Warning For apple Vision Pro Users

To be safe from this security issue, one needs to update their apple Vision Pro's OS to the latest version available.

There might be bad news coming for apple users. India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a high-severity warning against numerous vulnerabilities in Apple's Vision Pro. The most expensive offering from the house apple runs on VisionOS and this OS is a serious threat now. These security threats can potentially let attackers hijack the system, access sensitive user data, and cause significant disruptions.

As per the advisory shared by the CERT-In, these weaknesses of VisionOS can be exploited in several ways. These can easily lead to huge security risks. In such a case, the cybercriminals can execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. In simpler words, it means that they can access the highest level of access to the system and they can easily bypass the majority of the built-in security measures.

Now this could easily result in unauthorised control over the apple Vision Pro. It will let attackers install malicious software or modify system settings, and they will be able to do this all while being undetected.

Apps Terminating Unexpectedly

Another critical issue that has been identified is that apps are starting to get terminated unexpectedly. This termination of apps can disrupt the user experience and it can also lead to data loss. This will allow attackers to bypass kernel memory protections which is a serious concern as this memory is important to maintain system stability and security. Cybercriminals might exploit these to gain deeper access to the system and perform malicious activities without alerting the security system.

These risks also include the ability to fingerprint users, meaning, tracking and identifying users based on the usage of their device. It does pose a huge privacy concern as it might lead to unauthorized profiling and monitoring of users. It might also lead to Denial of service (DoS) attacks, making the device inoperable by overloading it with excessive requests or exploiting specific weaknesses to cause crashes. Attackers may also gain access to the photos and videos, putting you at risk. 

In response to this, apple has released a software update for the Vision Pro. CERT-In has recommended installing it as soon as possible.

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