Kartik Aaryan's Mother Shares That He Was A Bully: 'He Would Make His Sister Wear Monkey Cap...'

Kartik Aaryan, who is riding high on the success of 'Chandu Champion' graced Netflix's 'The Great indian Kapil Showwith his mother Mala Tiwari.

Kartik Aaryan, riding high on the success of 'Chandu Champion', graced Netflix's 'The Great indian Kapil Showwith his mother Mala Tiwari. On the show, Mala went all out speaking about her son's childhood, mischiefs, how she did not want him to be an actor at all, and more.

When Mala Tiwari called her son, Kartik Aaryan 'a bully'

When show host and comedian Kapil Sharma asked Mala which of her two kids was more mischievous, the latter called Kartik 'the bully'. Recalling two instances from their childhood, she shared that Kartik would ask his sister to bring pastries from across the street for him.

She also shared that Kartik would make his sister, Kritika wear a monkey cap and oversized sweaters so that their mom who sat across the street in her clinic would not recognize them.

Soon after Mala Tiwari shared the anecdote, Kartik’s sister interrupted her mother and said, “This is not the complete truth. “ Out of the two pastries she would get for Kartik, he would give her only half to eat.

Kartik Aaryan meanwhile, jokingly defended himself.

When Kartik made his sister stand on guard duty so that he could watch TV. Speaking of another instance, Mala Tiwari shed light on how Kartik would get Kritika to stand outside the room as a guard so that he could watch TV.

Recalling that she would take out the cable wire so that the kids studied, Mala Tiwari shared that in her absence, Kartik would ask his sister, Kritika to stand on guard duty outside the room as he watched TV.

Meanwhile, Kartik interrupted his mother to say that Kritika would also watch TV for some time when he did guard duty. In response, his sister made an expression that betrayed that Kartik was only joking.

Kartik Aaryan’s mother went all out in exposing some of Kartik’s adorable childhood memories to audiences in ‘The Great indian Kapil Show’ which had its grand premiere and 13th finale episode on june 22, 2024.

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