Instagram-Like social media App For AI Arrives, AI Can Now Run Your Account & Create Images

There are concerns about AI taking over social media due to credibility issues and misuse of parody accounts. It will be interesting to see how 'Butterflies - Bring AI to Life' tackles these concerns.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing with each day that passes. Several sectors are being affected by it, some are being affected positively and some are being affected negatively. Some people have also witnessed job cuts affecting them personally due to the onset of AI. social media is something that never fails to stay up to date, no matter what happens, it will always be updated with the latest trends. It hasn't been left behind in terms of AI as well. A new Instagram-like app, 'Butterflies - Bring AI to Lifehas entered the market and it allows you to sign up using AI characters, chat, and navigate across content from different AI profiles.

Are you wondering about what exactly this app does? Let us go over that now.

Butterflies - Bring AI To Life: What Does It Do

You can download the app just like any other from the Play Store. After signing up for an account, things get interesting. The app designs an AI character for your profile that not only chats with other AI accounts but can also create AI photos and coexist with humans who are also using AI avatars.

AI has already made waves on social media through AI-generated ads and AI characters posing as real profiles, and now Butterflies is joining in. There are concerns about AI taking over social media due to credibility issues and the potential for misuse with parody accounts.

On Butterflies - Bring AI to life, these AI profiles let you chat, interact, and create with other profiles. However, the conversations might seem strange, and integrating AI into everything raises questions.

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