He is the real Baahubali that the internet celebrates..!?

A video is going viral on the internet. A video of a man carrying a heavy motorcycle on his head and then loading the vehicle onto a bus is going viral. This video is trending more on social media. A man carrying a heavy motorcycle on his head walks towards a parked bus. Carrying a heavy motorcycle on his head, he takes off his hand for a few seconds. He stands for a few seconds in front of the ladder leaning on the bus and balances. He then climbs the crumbling ladder.
Then he did not hold the motorcycle with his hands. He climbs the steps with his head on them and successfully places them on the roof of the bus. The video has been viewed by 85,000 people within 24 hours of its sharing. The netizens who saw the video were surprised and shocked. 5.5 thousand people have liked it so far. Many people are recording their views. One wrote in his post that jharkhand Adivasi talent picked up at Kantadoli bus stand in Jharkhand. Many have posted him as "Superman".
He needs neck strength, he is the real Baahubali, and this is not heroic. They are forced to feed their families. Only if they take a risk can they eat that day. They are being exploited. Although it is not known where and when the video was shot, netizens have mentioned that the video was shot in Jharkhand.

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