With the 2010 movie Puli starring power star Pawan Kalyan, nikesha patel had a significant film debut. Nikesha's career didn't start off well because the movie was a flop. She appeared in a few movies after that, but none of them improved her career in any way. Nikesha is continuously attempting to get attention, despite the fact that she has become a fade-out actor.

The actress attracts attention from online users by frequently posting glitzy photos on Instagram. She just shared a seductive photo of herself on social media. Nikesha is posing in this picture while wearing a blue bikini. Her attractive physical features and sexy charms are dripping with oomph. She appears to be quite attractive in the picture, we must admit. Nikesha is demonstrating that she still has some hotness in her, so we'll have to wait and see if any producers or directors will give her a chance and support the beginning of her second innings.

The telugu film Puli, starring power star Pawan Kalyan, marked the acting debut of British-born model Nikesha Patel. However, the film bombed at the box office. Since she has nearly been forgotten about by telugu filmmakers. However, she shot to fame in the telugu film industry after signing the sensual drama guntur talkies 2. The actress has just resumed wearing a bikini. nikesha patel posted a daring photo of herself wearing a two-piece bikini on Instagram.

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