Woman quits her job after only 1 Colleague attends her wedding..!?

It is known that if an employee resigns from his job, there are many reasons for it. There are many reasons including disagreement with colleagues, disagreement with the superior, and lack of salary. In this situation, a woman from china resigned from her job because her colleagues did not come to her wedding. A woman from china has given wedding invitations to all her colleagues for her wedding. It also seems that he has already given souvenirs to all his colleagues.
She has given wedding invitations to all 70 of his colleagues because she felt that if only a few people are invited to the wedding, others will be upset. Not only was the invitation given 2 months before the wedding, but from time to time she requested everyone to come to the wedding over the phone. She felt that her colleagues had humiliated her because only one of the 70 employees had turned up for the wedding.The girl understood that the person who had come to her wedding was also her guide and he too had come to the wedding reluctantly. Due to this, the woman has taken a drastic decision to resign. The woman said that she had prepared food for the 70 colleagues that she had invited to come to the wedding and the food that could have been eaten by almost 65 people was wasted. The woman, who felt that her colleagues had humiliated her in front of her family, sent her resignation letter the next day as the colleagues did not attend her wedding.The woman said that she had expected more than half of the 70 employees she had invited to attend but she was shocked that only one employee attended her wedding. They are expressing their opinion.

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