Occurring beauty rashmika mandanna is becoming more and more well-known in bollywood every day, as evidenced by the films she chooses to star in there or her fiery press conferences in support of her new movie "Goodbye." Following Pushpa's phenomenal success in the hindi hinterlands, she has signed up for nearly three to four films, including Animal with Ranbir and sandeep Vanga. And now for the tantalising tidbit everyone has been waiting for.

The national infatuation in bollywood is gaining more followers with each passing day, and every now and then, a mad fan who had asked for a picture of her has pulled another wild stunt. The child requested Rashmika's signature on the chest area of the white t-shirt he was sporting. The actress complied with the request without hesitation and wrote her autograph on his heart. rashmika undoubtedly blushed at the gesture and felt overwhelmed by the amount of affection she was experiencing there.

The actress made a million-dollar face and said, "I'm so happy to enjoy such a fanbase," when the paparazzi taking pictures of the event asked her whether she thought it was a fantastic moment it was.

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