Suriya, A.R.Rahman, Cinematography, ScreenplaySuriya, A.R.Rahman, Cinematography, ScreenplayShades of Hollywood movies, Editing

The most anticipated movie '24' has finally been released and on behalf of APHerald, we bring you the first full fledged review. The movie brings the duo of Samantha and Suriya once again after the failure of 'Anjaan'. A.R.Rahman scored tunes and rest of the technical team features Pravin Pudi for editing portion and Kiran Deohans for cinematography. So what is '24' all about ? As we see from trailer, Suriya does role of Mani, Sethuraman and Athreya. Athreya is the evil brother. Suriya essays role of twin brothers, where one is a scientist and another is an evil eccentric character. The scientist brother discovers a watch that can actually manipulate time. The villain Suriya wants to have the watch for himself and he even kills his brother's wife. Scientist Suriya escapes with baby boy and he leaves the baby to a lady he meets on train. However the evil brother catches the scientist and kills him. He also tries to get watch, but he fails. Meanwhile the child grows up to be another Suriya and he understands the mechanism of how the watch works. He also uses it to for his own personal use and this also includes romance with the female lead Samantha. We see Samantha in the character named Sathya and she is absolutely gorgeous.

Suriya is simply getting better and better with each movie. During the movie's Audio launch he said, don't encourage bad movies and don't let down good movies. This movie should not be let down. His performance as Athreya will stand tall in history of Tamil cinema. The eccentric character was portrayed to perfection. The scientist Suriya reminds us 'Vaaranam Aayiram' father Suriya role and even the dialogue deliveries are the same. The another younger suriya is the one we always love and it's the routine stuff. And Suriya has shown good variations among all three. Samantha is drop dead gorgeous and she doesn't have much to offer. Nithya Menen dominates with her small screen space. Saranya Ponvannan is the usual loving mother. Rest of the characters are just 'Hit and Miss', but they have done justice to the roles. 

Technical wise the movie is solid and all credits goes to A.R.Rahman for an enthralling background score and some goosebumps music during action and chasing scenes. He proves that he is the 'Master' and no wonder he has done a 'magic' again. The next credit goes to Cinematographer Tirru. He already proved his mettle in various projects in Bollywood, and now despite those, '24' stands tall. Each and every frame is just top notch and the frame rate is also perfect. Also remember, he is going to make his Telugu debut with Junior NTR's 'Janatha Garage'. Next comes the editing part. Prawin Pudi has handled the cuts and he is a known face in Telugu cinema. The cuts could have been better. The running time of the movie is long and we have 164 minutes. But the gripping screenplay makes us forget that we have a lengthy tale. Production values are also too high for this project. VFX is 'First Class' and kudos to producer for giving ample time for the Post production team.

Vikram Kumar has proved his mettle once again, and in short he has proved that the success of 'Manam' is not just Luck. He has provided Quality entertainment with '24' and he has done lots of research for the movie. It is obvious in each and every frame. There is a surprise twist at the Interval block where younger suriya meets his past and everyone will definitely come to edge of the seat. Editing should have been a lot better. The movie has its flaws, and we can also say the movie has shades from various Hollywood movies, but still this one is a 'Welcome' note to Tamil cinema.

Vikram Kumar,Suriya Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Nithya Menen,A. R. RahmanBoasting terrific performance from Suriya makes '24' a charming, endearing and entertaining movie

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