After andhra pradesh chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy claimed on saturday that the state's debt growth was less than under the previous telugu desam party (TDP) administration, tdp leader and former Finance minister Y. Ramakrishnudu challenged him to a discussion on Sunday. Ramakrishnudu recommended that the chief minister stand up for an open discussion about the State's significant debt load. He claimed that the chief minister and his cabinet colleagues constantly changed their positions on the future of andhra pradesh in light of the state's responsibilities.

In front of representatives from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), Ramakrishnudu stated, "I am prepared for an open discussion with the chief minister on the borrowing of the state." Even constitutional bodies like the CAG are being mislead by the state administration, according to the tdp leader, who expressed his outrage at the "distortion of the facts" despite the fact that as an expert economist, he has been recounting certain facts about the state's economic situation. Is it true that the CAG has publicly acknowledged that the details are not being provided to it? he questioned.

He stated that jagan Mohan reddy will be remembered as the chief minister who made the most borrowings, saying "The chief minister is resorting to false propaganda claiming the State is making less borrowings than formerly." Ramakrishnudu claimed that he was more concerned with accruing debt and abusing these monies than with the wellbeing of the state.

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