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Pushpa : The Raise - Part 01 telugu movie Review, Rating by Indiaherald.com, Hats-Off to Allu Arjun.

Story: Boy from an oppressed family utilising his wit and gut to be what he want to be in life is the core of the story plot everything else are bells and whistles for the christmas tree. While story line at the core resembles KGF.. as kgf happens in gold mines.. pushpa plot completely in the backgrounds of sandal wood seshachal forest.


Simply hats-off to allu arjun, star hero portrayed varied characters and roles already but this is his life performance and also performance that moulds actor life of allu Arjun.. His dedication, belief, commitment for pushpa is bench mark for any hero who believes in cinema. rashmika has been charm on screen.. it is rashmika who brought in the needed support for the massive hero character… Konda reddy Brothers and Mangalam Seenu are let down, There isn’t much for rao ramesh to do… Antagonist introduced at the last has made his presence well and raised hopes on pushpa : The Rule - Part 02.  Must mentioning performance of the movie is Keshava character.. Brilliant, Natural and just what is needed.

Technical Department: director sukumar has portrayed what he wanted to .. He has put out his story categorically… no confusion, well of course there were golden opportunities to captivate on the momentum built but the director lost many such opportunities hence you witness the HIGH - LOWS of pushpa throughout the movie unlike kgf which once elevates built a further on the elevation. Deglamarizing every character itself is not enough to grasp the nativity & reality.. it was little too much to be seen on screen.. Cinematograohy has been alright in many frames and scenes and also has reminded very casual / novice YouTuber capture at places.   music director Devi sree Prasad deserves a special applaud for his BGM score and songs in overall.. Like Kolaveri Di in the past though songs are wonderful they couldn’t add to the glory and drama of cinema, Art director and Production Designer deserves a special accolades and Action sequences choreographers has been best. Dialogues are okay. sukumar could have made this 100 times better.

Production: mythri movie makers and Muttamsetty media deserves all the applauses, they didn’t just invested the money but flood money into making what is an ordinary story into extraordinary cinematic experience.. Frames or Scenss with less than 30 artists are quite rare through your thr film.. director could have brought more value for the buck invested .

Analysis: A raw story of rural kid from oppressed family background making way to his hive presented in the most naturalistic way plausible. Every boy, girl, men or women from villages, people from
Middle class certainly resembles with at least one or the many scenes of the cinema. mass hero elevation, Class mother sentiment, Variety love and romance track,  few comedy dialogues and acts give breather between the super heavy massy elements thrashing the screen.

The whole Sandalwood syndication, Injection and ejection of way too many characters, filling the whole narration with super fast scenes.. preclimax and climax could have been handled  better.

Bottom Line: Go for allu arjun - Do not expect Allu Arjun.

9:22 AM: pushpa Review: Bhanwar Singh Shikhawat and pushpa conversation at the climax seem lagging … how would people receive sukumar calculations are to be seen

9:14 AM: pushpa review : Trying to set the base for Part II ?  The antagonist has raised well.

9:04 AM: pushpa Review: Closure of old antagonists opening path for new set of antagonists… leaving existing officer and entry of new officers … continual of mother sentiment, continuing Pushpa

9:00 AM: pushpa review : Mangalam seenu out … anasuya in..

8:58 AM: pushpa Review: Ferocious music, Amazing Voice Culture, as usual ton of junior artists, presented Aey Bidda song.. shown the raise of Pushparaj.

8:54:Pushpa Review: Hatsoff allu arjun .

8:48 AM pushpa review : When we speak about Background score we speak about Manisharma… but not any more … DSP BGM for pushpa is not anything you could imagine .  It is the BGM which is making everyone get involved within this raw plot .  DSP BGM for pushpa is making audience glue their attention.

8:43 Am: pushpa review : raw brawl between the two smuggler gangs the action choreography is not anything you have seen by far in any telugu movie .

8:39 AM: pushpa telugu movie Review, Rating by india Herald presenting honest and exclusive insights about pushpa : The Raise - Part 01. We thank all our readers for their continual patronisation . We respect the cinema one of the prime ways of entertainment for common man of our country. All our effort is to bring you the best of cinema unbiased, we thank every reader, cinegoer for your patronisation once again

8:33 AM: pushpa Review: Ton of junior artists, peppy music, rashmika magic movies by Sekhar, presented Saamy song alright … you know, the song lyrical video version is more better than the visual one

8:27 AM: pushpa Review: Myhri movie Makers and Muttamsetty media has not just invested money but seem to have flood money into pushpa : The Rise - Part 01. All the money is witnessed to create such naturalistic scenes & emotions.

8:25 AM: pushpa review : Wittyness, Innocence, Deep Emotions, Life time’s performance, being a diva on screen even with hardly any make up… rashmika has been an asset for the pushpa telugu movie Review, Rating by india Herald.

8:22 AM:Pushpa Review: Brilliant action sequence, never expected BGM, action choreography … one of the most meaningful yet raw sequence.

8:19 AM:Pushpa Review: have you seen vikram performance peaks… Wondered why didn’t we have such actor in Tollywoood here is your answer… allu arjun . Not just a mega compound hero… HERO.

8:18 AM:Pushpa Review: Maths Lecturer  adding all the dosses for a commercial mass movie in perfect measurements.

8:16 AM: pushpa Review: Deep doses of emotion being injected

8:10 AM: pushpa review by india Herald : moved over to Chennai… Elevating a labour to be syndicate leader of red sandalwood smuggling .

8:10 AM : pushpa review : pushpa has been entertaining but altogether in a different  way that you only can experience while watching movie.

8:06 AM:Pushpa Review: Interval bang is not quite but alright.

8:05 AM: pushpa review : this movie make up people shall be called as de-makeup people.  Their job has always been showing each artist in their rawest form.

8:04 AM: pushpa Review: allu arjun one man show by far.. you don’t see any allu arjun you see .. you see completely new allu arjun in this movie .. pushpa irrespective of its result made allu arjun to be the star to be here and star of performance.

8:03 AM: pushpa telugu movie Review, Rating by india Herald: police in Govindappa character has done well.. yet, this character could have been given to further more powerful actor

8:01 AM: pushpa review : Mangalam Seenu.. From wearing just a chuddy to continue to control his facial expressions throughout … Suneel has given everything he can.. playing to the capacity of his charecterizarion. Suneel passion for movie is witnessed furthermore in this sukumar and Allu Arjun’s pushpa review by india Herald.

7:58 AM: pushpa Review: Sreevalli been a breeze and joy to see on screen…  Rashmika rendered her mature performance as the established star … given the age and performance capacity.. tollywood and south movie industry may have another soundarya in rashmika .

7:53 AM: pushpa Review: hero elevation  been going on … every notable actor in tollywood are presented in their rawest form plausible .

7:43 AM: pushpa review : why does this movie reminds the kgf with the hero going all in attitude and in between mother track .. poverty .. high octane action scenes, Heroes wit & will…

7:41 AM: pushpa review : Smuggling, Poverty, Mother Sentiment, Entry of politicians, love track , bit of comedy by the hero by far the pushpa .

7:38 AM: pushpa Review: samantha on screen making the whole theatre filled with shouts… samantha sizzled screen without a doubt .. yet, this song is certain not an addition to Samantha’s crown ..

7:33 AM: pushpa review : samantha as the item girl reminds you jwala gutta as the item girl doing way too much over action than what is needed .

7:32 AM: pushpa Review: director sukumar is the new RGV of tollywood in this entire hour of plot the best of the best visuals are the ones which were already shown in the trailers, teasers or song releases.

7:30 AM: pushpa review : pushpa Dialogues పుష్ప ఉంటే సరుకుండదు - సరుకుంటే పుష్ప ఉండడు

7.29 am - pushpa review : acts of veerappan being used to establish the whole smuggling track… but you know what all of these are shown in ton of movies already..

7.26 am - pushpa review : allu arjun being the way he is in pushpa character is so much for a stylish star to pick up and give away his image, allu arjun efforts must be applauded for risking his entire image he built over period of his entire career

7.24 am - pushpa Review: pushpa has been raw and rough and rugged starting from characterisation of pushpa character.. at times reminds you Dandupalyem movie rawness.

7.19 am - pushpa review : Presented anasuya in sub minimal character with almost no impact on the screen.

7.18 am - pushpa review : Mangalam Seenu entry hasn’t added not much to the plot . Suneel looked as part of anaconda film rather than in Pushpa.

7.15 am - pushpa telugu movie Review, Rating by india Herald : Establishing heroine character, love track between the lead pairs happened with Sreevali in peppy number.

7.08 am - pushpa review : sandal wood smuggling, Konda reddy Brothers as first set of smugglers, pushpa mother sentiment, Govindappa as the police officer trying to catch smugglers and then the Sreevalli … been the pushpa movie all along

7.04 am - pushpa Review: The trademark dialogue Thaggedele has been used multiple times yet not quite powerful way yet

7.03 am - pushpa review : Background Misic by Devi has been wonderful.

6.58 am - pushpa Review: Dakko Dakko Meka song has came in and left .. while the number is massive hit it outside.. visuals of the lyrical song are much better than the actual song footage.

6.55 am - pushpa Review: Konda reddy Brothers first set of antagonists are introduced successfully. They did their part .

6.50 am - pushpa review : Ton of characters presented within this short span of 19 minutes show itself.. indicating the cinema is going to present fully power packed line of characters.

6.46 am - pushpa review : pushpa , pushpa Raju .. so far massive track turned into heavy mother sentiment oriented in just split of second. Intiperu made all that difference and given needed emotional dose from such swift rush to heavy sentimental.

6.43 am - pushpa Review: movie intro landed with a massive rush and the serious sequence of shots been continued .. you can not take your eyes off screen … the plot is emerging .

6.41 am - pushpa review : Presenting red sandalwood smuggling in as realistic manner as plausible, director sukumar brilliance has been witnessed on screeem throughout . .

6.39 am - pushpa telugu movie Review, Rating by india Herald : Visuals on screen are shot in  mostly dark light.. as raw as they can be .

6.36 am - pushpa review : pushpa Raj is setting the screen on fire with his attitude, presence and mannerism.. allu arjun fans are going huge deal of gaga within the theatre…

6.24 am - pushpa review, Rating by india Herald : Corona, Delta, Omicron whole the pandemic tried to endanger the concept of mass cinema.. here is the tolly cinegoers passionate response for all of such with a strong and categorical YES FOR cinema .. cinema is going to be here for few more generations to come . Conegoers after almost 2 years of massive gap has been back to theatres large in numbers… there is no surprise to say more than double digit % of Hyderabadis will watch pushpa : The Rise - Part 01 on this first day itself.  In a country like india where there is little to nothing to do for recreation… Cimema is not just entertainment but quintessential part of our life.

Pushpa: The Rise is the most awaited film of 2021. Brilliant director Sukumar, stylish star allu arjun, silver screen Nia Dia rashmika mandanna, Ton more most elegant performers of top stature came together for this visual wonder pushpa : The Rise.

Pushpa: The Rise / Part - 01 orchestrated to be a PAN india movie.. has made big before the release itself. While pushpa telugu movie review, Rating will be out for the audience across the world on 17th december 2021.. all the 5 songs of the movie in all 5 languages the movie is being released are making top charts and trending relentlessly.

Pushpa telugu movie review, Rating revolves around the core plot of a common man from the oppression raising to the heights through the ways and means he found.

Pushpa telugu movie review, Rating by india Herald brings you exclusive insights, perspective of the movie  Pushpa : The Rise 2021. Stay tuned for the first pushpa review online.


BANNER : Mythri movie Makers
PRODUCTIONS : Y naveen and Y ravi Shankar

CAST & CREW : allu arjun, rashmika mandanna, Fahadh Faasil, Vijay Sethupathi, Prakash Raj, Jagapati Babu, vennela Kishore, anasuya Bharadwaj, Anish Kuruvilla

COMPOSER(S): Devi Sri Prasad
DIRECTOR(S) : Sukumar

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