While Andhra Pradesh's assembly elections and the lok sabha elections are both slated for 2024, 2023 will likely see political opponents preparing for the main fight and changing their game plans. N. Chandrababu Naidu, the veteran leader of the opposition telugu desam party (TDP), is anticipated to step up his criticism of the governing ysr congress party (YSRCP). The state seems to be headed for an exciting contest with actor and Jana Sena party (JSP) leader Pawan kalyan preparing to campaign across the state and form a Grand Opposition Alliance.

The tdp, which up until recently appeared to be in trouble as a result of the severe beating it took from the YSRCP in 2019, now seems to be on the mend. The overwhelming popular response to the main opposition party's campaigns against the Y. S. jagan Mohan Reddy-led administration suggests that Naidu will be more active in the lead-up to the 2024 elections, which he has already declared to be his final. tdp leaders think the party has recovered from its devastating loss in 2019 as a result of Naidu's open forums and roadshows, which have received positive public response.

Massive public attendance at Naidu's rallies for the TDP's "Badude Badudu" and "Idhem Kharma Mana Rashtraniki" has already stoked political tension in the state and boosted the demoralised cadre's spirits. While "Idhem Kharma Mana Rashtraniki" targets YSRCP over what tdp calls bad governance, law and order issues, repression by ruling party leaders, financial crisis, unemployment, lack of development, and reversal of decisions made by the previous state government, "Badude Badudu" is against rising taxes, power prices, and rtc bus fares.

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