tdp and janasena will probably engage in combat together in 2024. It is necessary to iron out the seat-sharing situation. Due to the backing of the Kapu community, janasena anticipates winning more seats in the districts of Godavari and Uttarandhra. The party anticipates winning in east godavari in kakinada Rural, Rajanagaram, Amalapuram, and Razole.

According to reports, pawan kalyan will compete against former minister kurasala kannababu from kakinada Rural. The Pilli family, who had been sailing with the tdp for a while, stopped being active after 2019. janasena currently has the seat of Razole, and the party is sure that it will take it back. Although Gollapalli surya Rao is in charge of the tdp in this area, there is animosity toward him among tdp cadre. However, Razole has historically been a tdp stronghold.

Minister jakkampudi raja is the mla for Rajanagaram. pendurthi Venkatesh of the tdp triumphed here in 2014 but lost in 2019. After 2019, he stops participating in the constituency. tdp lacks a leader in this country. janasena anticipates this chair. Following the naming controversy for the Konaseema district, Amalapuram became a hotbed of Caste politics.

Given that the BCs and the Kapu community have turned against the ruling party, both the tdp and janasena believe they can win with ease. This constituency is represented by minister Pinepe Vishwaroop. tdp will likely be prepared to go from Rajanagaram and kakinada Rural. However, it must be seen what happens to Razole and Amalapuram.

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