B-Town baadshah Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, has been breaking records and surpassing one milestone after another! The movie has been generating astounding revenue both domestically and internationally. During its first five-day weekend, the movie made almost Rs. 550 crores in worldwide box office revenue. Nearly Rs. 210 crores of this total came from international markets, including the USA, Canada, the UK, the Gulf, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, and others.

As Pathaan earns over $9 Million in its first five-day weekend, the American box office is booming. The movie is on track to outperform RRR, which brought in over $14 Million. Trade analysts predict that Pathaan could reach $15 million in the future. Because Pathaan has ordinary ticket prices in the U.S., as opposed to tollywood heavyweights, which are priced at $25 for premieres, its box office receipts can be characterized as unprecedented.

The movie is Bollywood's biggest success in a very long time, and Shah Rukh Khan made an amazing comeback. At the US box office, Shahrukh Khan's Pathaan is unstoppable, and on Saturday, it delivered tremendous statistics by taking in 2.7 Million. Numbers-wise, bahubali 2 still retains the record for the greatest single-day gross in the USA with 3.5M, however Pathaan significantly outperformed bahubali 2 in terms of audience attendance.

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