In an obvious effort to enhance the party network at the grassroots level in the lead-up to the upcoming assembly elections, the ysr congress party leadership named the associated organisations of the party at the district level on Wednesday. Together with Seva Dal and Grievances Cell, the party announced the presidents of a number of wings, including youth, farmers, women, BC, SC, ST, minority, students, trade union, business, cultural, publicity, weavers, physicians, IT, and crippled.

All is well thus far. Yet, chevireddy Bhaskar reddy, a chandragiri Legislator, was identified as the state coordinator of party affiliated wings in the announcement made public on the appointment of party affiliated wings at the district level. In reality, state YSRCP general secretary and rajya sabha member v Vijay Sai reddy has served as the state coordinator of the YSRCP affiliated wings for the past few years. In february 2022, he was appointed to the position.

As an assistant to general secretary Sai reddy, chevireddy was selected by jagan in november as the joint coordinator of the state YSRC-affiliated organisations. Yet, the most recent statement creates the idea that Sai reddy has been replaced as the coordinator of affiliated wings by Chevireddy. As a result, the statement implied that Sai reddy had lost his position. This sparked a discussion about whether jagan had recently become dissatisfied with Sai Reddy. Sai reddy has toned down his attacks on the opposing parties over the past few days in order to maintain a respectable public image.

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