The telangana Bharat Rashtra Samithi, which is now in power and is led by chief minister K. chandrasekhar Rao, is putting everything on the line to win the next state assembly elections for a record-breaking third time. However, a number of polls carried out by the BRS leadership through various sources suggested that due to widespread anti-incumbency among the populace, it is not that easy for kcr to retake power for a third time.

According to reports, kcr learned from surveys that over 25 MLAs in the state are performing poorly, and if the BRS gives them another ticket, they will undoubtedly lose the polls. There will be a competitive race for another 20–25 seats, and even if the incumbent MLAs are kept in office, they will have a challenging fight to keep their seats. They must also be replaced with new individuals.

KCR worries that if he replaces these 40–45 MLAs with fresh faces and gives them seats, there is a strong chance that they may rebel against the party. They might not turn out to be rebels, but they would undoubtedly not work with the new candidates. The BRS chairman has therefore started the process of identifying at least 25 MLAs, whose replacement with new candidates is crucial if the party is to win a third consecutive term in office.

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