Medical and healthcare under Jagan's Regime- Flawless..!!

- The department without criticism in the five-year jagan regime.

- Performance of hospitals changed with krishna Babu's entry.

- krishna Babu also worked hard to implement Arogyashri, the dream scheme of cm Jagan.

If there is any department that no one has pointed a finger at in the last five years of Jagan's rule, it is the medical and health department. It was also discussed that cm jagan has a good chance of getting well in the elections through this department. The government has been successful in making government healthcare more accessible to the poor and guiding doctors on the right path. But, behind this, everything has been done by himself. He is Officer MT Krishnababu.

Even till Jagan's arrival as cm, visakha Port Trust CEO krishna Babu handled it. However, Jagan came to know about his performance and directly made him the Principal Secretary of the Medical Department. After krishna Babu's entry, the performance of the hospitals 100 percent difference was seen in the performance. He gave life to key reforms such as emphasizing time management. Even the middle-class people were made to look towards the government hospitals. It must be said that Krishnababu's services during the Corona period are unparalleled. They made sure that the government did not get a word from anywhere. Masks were sent to every house. The volunteer system was also taken advantage of. Maintained good relations with ministers. High-level officials were coordinated.

The field of medicine and health has been strongly taken forward. Earlier, OP services were limited to 10 am in government main hospitals. But, Krishnababu continued the OP services till 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Steps have been taken to make all types of medicines available in hospitals. krishna Babu also worked hard to implement Arogyashri, the dream scheme of cm Jagan.

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