Samantha's latest film Shakunthalam is being made in the lead role. There are huge expectations on this movie, which is based on the love story of Shakuntala Dusyantula. Directed by Gunasekhar, this movie is being handed over by dil raju and is being released by him. Along with dil raju and Gunasekhar, samantha also has a lot of confidence that they will definitely make a hit with this movie.

As samantha is acting in a historical role as a princess for the first time, expectations are increasing among Samantha's fans as well as the audience. According to that, malayalam hero Devi Mohan has been brought in for the role of Dushyanthu in this movie and it was predicted that the movie will be released at pan india level. As expected, this movie is being released at pan india level.

The film unit has already revealed on many occasions that they are trying to release in telugu, Tamil, Kannada, malayalam, hindi and other languages as well.But Allu Arjun's daughter allu arha is also seen in a small role in this movie. gunasekhar recently revealed that while allu arha is seen in this movie, her screen time is around 6 minutes.

But when asked why Dev Mohan was cast in this film and whether any telugu hero could have been cast, he said that no telugu hero was interested in acting in this film. ananya Kabir Singh Dulhan is playing other key roles in this movie. However, movie analysts are of the opinion that Allu Arha's debut as a child actress in her first film to get 6 minutes of screen space is not a common thing.

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