Currently, Powerstar pawan kalyan is engaged in a number of intriguing projects. The actor just debuted his brand-new movie under Sujeeth's supervision. Without a doubt, Pawan receives the highest salary in Tollywood. On the flip side, it's a common rumour that pawan kalyan is heavily indebted. Mega brother naga Babu is the only one who has confirmed this.

Many farmers have received financial assistance from pawan kalyan recently, particularly during the Raithu Bharosa Yatra. Many more people received assistance from pawan kalyan in a variety of ways. Even pawan kalyan has already made multiple comments about how his money is getting low and how he has already experienced a financial problem. Numerous individuals connected to Pawan frequently assert that he is out of money. "Pawan kalyan owes more money than he owns. They won't believe me if I tell anyone else the same thing. He has a lot of bills to pay off while receiving a large salary, according to naga Babu.

Naga Babu reinforced Pawan Kalyan's claim that he donates all of his money to the party and the well-being of the populace. Additionally, naga Babu attested to Pawan Kalyan's sincere breaking of his fixed deposits in the name of his kids for the party establishment. His name is not attached to any valuables. He merely owns a farmhouse on 8 acres of land, according to naga Babu. "When Jhonny was a box office failure, Pawan returned his 1.5 Cr rupee compensation. According to naga Babu, Pawan's residence, automobile, and house are all on loans. He also has no plans to amass wealth through improper political gains.

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