Additionally, Makkal Selvan vijay sethupathi plays a significant role in Sundeep Kishan's Michael. Even though he only has a supporting role, vijay sethupathi nevertheless contributes significantly to the movie. vijay sethupathi previously demonstrated this with Uppena. However, it appears that Michael's creators are having trouble fully capitalising on Vijay Sethupathi's popularity and the fame he gathered in recent times with some notable projects and ventures.

In addition to not having him for the interviews, the producers also failed to secure vijay sethupathi for the film's unwelcome pre-release event. The creators seem to be making weak justifications. When questioned, insiders with knowledge of the production claimed that they didn't want to "Use" vijay sethupathi and appear to be doing "business" with him. But few people would accept this reasoning.

Since movies are a business, an actor is only cast based on his market. So what's wrong with using an actor to promote products? It is obvious that Vijay Sethupathi's absence from the film's promotion had a significant effect. We'll have to wait and see how Michael is accepted this week in theatres. sundeep kishan must now carry the movie and get audiences to theatres on his own.

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