Nayanthara, a lady superstar, is currently very busy juggling her roles as a mother to her four-month-old twin boys, her film career, and her several business endeavors. She has, however, consented to take on the role of brand ambassador for a well-known private college or university in Chennai. Speaking during a school gathering, Nayan said "With many friends, college life can be enjoyable, but it's also important to watch who you hang out with there. 

Remember that the choices you make now will affect your future when you are a college student. So even if you succeed after leaving this place, exercise great caution and keep your composure." Additionally, the most paid South indian actress provided some insightful counsel. Spending at least 10 minutes each day with your parents will provide them greater joy than any amount of money could ever purchase. 

In her first hindi film, Jawan, directed by atlee and costarring vijay sethupathi and priya Raman, Nayanthara plays Shah Rukh Khan's love interest. Her future movies include the jayam ravi and Ahmed-directed picture "Iraivan." The actress also faced brickbats for wearing low hip saree for a college event through some social media people.

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