Mahesh Babu's upcoming movie, which sees him reunite with trivikram after a long absence, is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year. As these two previously produced commercial classics like athadu and Khaleja, people are eagerly awaiting to see what kind of movie they will produce now. The team is currently shooting a new schedule with all the lead roles.

The #SSMB28 shoot is well underway, and stars like Sreeleela and pooja hegde are taking part. mahesh babu has also developed a leaner, more muscular appearance for the film and will be seen in his most appealing mass-market persona. While the film's creators had previously hinted that the movie's "title" poster would be released on Ugadi, a number of speculative titles are currently doing the rounds on social media.

The names that are circulating, such as Adavilo Arjunudu, Amma Katha, Aame Katha, Athade Tana Sainyam, and Ayodhyalo Arjunudu, all begin with the letter "Aa," are unquestionably plausible choices for Trivikram's film titles. But, sithara Entertainment insiders have stated that the filmmaker isn't taking any of things into consideration. Nonetheless, there is a lot of speculation that the movie's name is "Ayodhyalo Arjunudu".

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