There are a group of young directors who feel like the trailblazers and most gifted of all, yet they haven't made even one big-budget box office hit to their name. They have continued to blame the audience for their failures and dismal box office results, claiming that they are incapable of understanding how to watch movies. The enormous success of Balagam has now changed everything and dealt them a serious smack.

Some directors believe they are superior to several well-known commercial filmmakers and that they aren't enough people in tollywood watching quality films. Now that Balagam has made such a tremendous amount of money, their situation has been put in jeopardy. This has once again demonstrated that the telugu audience would make any movie a major hit if they are attached and has only happened as a result of the excellent content of the film. Balagam nearly reached the Rs 20Cr threshold in global gross revenue and even had the biggest single day today.

One of the directors recently faced brickbats for criticizing audience for supporting movies like KGF-2 and said the movie made no sense but still won the box office and made huge profits.

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