The significance of Allu Arjun's missing relative ram Charan's birthday has been exaggerated. In addition, allu arjun failed to formally congratulate ram Charan on his recent birthday. These fueled the persistent reports regarding their purported conflict. This led to internet conflict between RC and AA supporters. Finally, the AA team has reacted and attempted to clarify the incident amid fan disputes and various rumours.

Allu arjun is stranded in Vietnam, the AA team claimed, so he is unable to attend ram Charan's birthday celebration. The birthday of the common cousin of allu arjun and ram Charan is honoured in Vietnam, so AA flew there. Even ram Charan's sister, according to the AA crew, is stranded in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, it's been reported that allu arjun and ram Charan had a lengthy video conversation. allu arjun recently celebrated 20 years of acting in the film business, for which congratulations and well wishes came from all directions. Mega Star chiranjeevi also sent a unique message to Bunny. In this context, the AA squad must provide clarification on these rumors, which frequently make headlines without a solid foundation.

Birthday celebration for bunny & Charan's cousin in Vietnam, unnaru antha...Sister of Charan Gaari akkade unnaru. Morning in Ivaala is ea antha vachaaru. Ivvala ma squad kalisi wishes chesam as a result. video conversation between AA and RC matadukunnaru ani telisthe padukogalara meeru ivaaala? Publicist for allu arjun penned.

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