Most questions concerning celebrities' strange deaths or suicides go unanswered. One of them is the suicide of actor uday Kiran. Though it was evident that he had committed suicide, there were numerous questions regarding why he had to go to such lengths. In a recent interview, director Teja, who was close to him, discussed it.

Director Teja's interviews are always entertaining, and the most recent one is no exception. When asked about the'mystery' surrounding uday Kiran's unexpected death, teja did not duck the topic, instead claiming to know everything that prompted uday kiran to commit suicide. teja claimed that uday kiran couldn't handle celebrity after three consecutive blockbusters and couldn't endure the slump that followed.

Teja further said that he knows the precise reason for uday Kiran's suicide but will not share it now. teja stated that uday kiran spoke in depth what was bothering him. The director stated that there was no error on the part of uday Kiran, and when questioned if any influential people were involved, teja gave the usually safe answer, 'No comments.' When the interviewer pressed teja for further information concerning uday Kiran's suicide, he told him that he would do so when the moment was right. teja detonated a bomb that will solve the riddle of uday Kiran's death before he passes away. On january 5, 2014, uday kiran committed suicide.

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