Nandamuri Balakrishna, Sonal Chauhan Ommph Factor, Second Half BgmNandamuri Balakrishna, Sonal Chauhan Ommph Factor, Second Half BgmDamn Predictable Narration, Old hat Storyline, Formulaic Script, Characterizations, Silly Second Half and Editing

Simple and perfectionist Chandu (Balakrishna) works in Dharma Supermarket in Hyderabad as a special in charge. He was surprised by a wannabe artist Indu (Sonal Chauhan), and even helps her to escape from goons of Minister Goverdhan Rao and Mahima (Rathi Agnihotri). Things turn around when Chandu gets arrested for stealing Rs. 5 Lakh from the mart, gets the attention of Mart Chairman Rajashekar. Things change as he reveals the true identity of Chandu as Dictator Chandrashekar Dharma. The flash back reveals the real purpose of Chandu visiting Hyderabad and staying with Kathyayani (Anjali) family. To know whats the reason behind this mystifying mission and how Chandu accomplishes it, watch “Dictator” in theatre.

The biggest asset of the film is Nandamuri Balakrishna, who has done full justice to his role and has delivered an electrifying performance as Dictator. Suman Talwar suits the role as the brother of Nandamuri Balakrishna in all ways, while Nassar, though he has only a few scenes to do as father of Kathyayani, does a commendable job. Anjali as Kathyayani is good, though she appears only in the second half. Sonal Chauhan also is fine, though she doesn’t have much to do in the film. By the way, She is red-hot in “Whatsup Baby” track. There’s nothing much to be said about Aksha, who plays Shruti. Kabir Duhan Singh and Vikramjeet Virk impress us in their usual styles and Shayaji Shinde too does the same, though we have seen it all before, in many films. Rathi Agnihotri does a different role this time as powerful person in Delhi. Comedians Prudvi, Hema, Shakalaka Shankar, Posani Krishna Murali flies over the board with their over enthusiasm. The rest of the cast suit their respective roles.

If anyone out there is interested in hearing what this solecism of a movie has for its plotline, here goes. A do-gooder enters another family to complete a promise given a close person. Things turn around and reveals his powerful another side. A villain blast back from past, but do-gooder clears all his hurdles to save his family. There is nothing exciting about the life of this man, who gets trapped in the gummiest situations imaginable, on account of a lack of common sense. At least nothing moving enough to be the matter for a film. The script offer no insight into the soul of the main lead either that makes him look like a powerful (and idiot at the same time!), who has simply lost his life from simplest possible reasons.

To Sridhar Seepana’s credit, the story is damn simple as it possibly can be. Its sadly as unimaginative as well. Dictator gets busy kicking off A-B-C off the track, welding all kinds of punchlines, comedy, twists, characterizations, fights, plotline and situations in narration. Scripting done by Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan is a junkyard of a script with piles of pure, predictable mass trash lying all around. What confounds me is how script writers and Seepana managed to get Balakrishna for this absolutely predictable garbage that defines all patterns of narrative. Scenes like a top Dictator (Who is even a highest tax payer of India) never gets recognized by anyone in any place, Being so affectionate Suman never tries to know the wellbeing of his brother for one long year of disappearance, When Anjali gets stabbed they discuss about family issues and other issues rather driving (the car behind her!) to nearest possible hospital, saving her..etc.

An opportunity totally squandered there are more than a few people associated with this film who deserved a better fate, the central ones being antagonist and female lead. What makes such a shattered character development all the more offensive is that Dictator has bought together a treasure house of acting talent and then let it be surplus.

The songs by Thaman S are fine and the background score by Chinna is equally good. Dictator theme is brilliantly composed by Thaman. The music and the songs are among the film's plusses. Full marks to Shyam K Naidu, the cinematographer who has composed some good frames for the film. Editor Gautham Raju faltered in editing, the lengthy second half and melodramatic scenes badly needs trimming. The production values of Vedhaaswa Creations are alright.

As you walk out of the theatre having watched “Dictator”, you feel sorry for the film and film maker, since this was one that probably had tremendous potential, but which failed to evolve into an exciting film on screen. Everything feels damn boring, predictable, dragged barring the acting and for once, even with zero expectations a film seemed lameo.

Balakrisha,Anjali,Sonal Chauhan,Sriwass,Eros International,Thaman SDictator – A Simplistic film, leaved much to be wanted.

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