Allari Naresh, Some gags, Production valuesAllari Naresh, Some gags, Production valuesEditing, Music, Screenplay, Direction

Allari Naresh who has delivered string of failures, is badly in need of a Hit and has now tried to make a come back with another comedy genre. The movie has got released today and let's see how the movie has fared. Allari Naresh (Selfie Raja) is a happy going guy who marries Kamna Ranaut who is daughter of Police Commissioner (Nagineedu). As his Father-In-Law has personal issues with a criminal in his professional life, the criminal gets revenge and creates problems in Selfie Raja's marital life. He breaks up the marital life. An upset Selfie Raja, decides to end his life. He hires a contract Killer to shoot him. But twist arises when the contract Killer makes bigger plans than Killing Selfie Raja. What  his plan ? Why he never Killed him ? What happened to his marriage life ? Watch out on silver screen.

Allari Naresh has decided to cement his forte, 'Comedy Genre'. He clearly made up his mind what to do and what not to do. He has been completely honest to his character and in fact he has succeeded with his body language. But with a wafer thin screenplay he has failed once again. Ravi Babu who has done role of contract Killer is completely insane. His role is neither silly nor serious. It was completely left mid way. Surprisingly, Kamna Ranaut has made a solid debut. Apart from glamour, she has performed well too. She can be a good actress with right choice of movies in future. Shakalaka Shankar and his snake comedy are something to cheer about. The rest of the cast has done justice to their roles. But sadly none of them stays in our mind the moment we walk out of theatre. This also includes Nagineedu !

G.Eshwer Reddy has made a poor direction and he has failed to control the narration. It is obvious that, he has lost things as he was forced to stuff some unwanted comedies and songs. Every song is a sheer hindrance to the flow of the story. The forced comic episodes never even evoke smile on our faces. Screenplay is even more pathetic. Things go haywire and the whole movie is just like watching advertisements during movie break. The inexperience was completely obvious. Dialogues are witty and they are the backbone of the movie. Sai Kartheek's music is below par. In fact the songs act as barricades. Also there is no linear narration between first half and second half. Production values are good. But everything falls flat when things get pathetic in screenplay. Cinematography was neat and simple. Nothing much to brag about.

'Selfie Raja' could have been a better product with proper screenplay and narration. Now we have got a half baked product. The movie is filled with some hilarious comedies at times and some times they are more annoying. Editing is also pathetic and the narration is non-linear. All we can say is, if you are excited after watching the teasers, you will be disappointed. In case, if you don't have any expectations, this movie might be worth one time watch.

Allari Naresh,Sakshi Chowdhary,Kamna Ranawat,G Eshwar Reddy,Chalasani Rambrahmam Choudary,Sai Karthik'Selfie Raja' is a 'Half-Baked' comedy !

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