Production Values, BGM, CinematographyProduction Values, BGM, CinematographyCasting, Songs, Narration, Screenplay, No depth in characters, Amateur on the whole

After numerous flops and career-ending choices, and even recent different attempts like donning a female getup and playing that sperm donor in Vicky donor remake failing to help him, hero Sumanth has joined hands with a debutant Director Gowtam Ninnanuri to deliver a love story Malli raava. Has he succeeded this time? Here's team AP Herald's exclusive Review of Malli raava.

Malli Raava is all about Anjali (Akanksha Singh) and Karthik (Sumanth), who falls in love with 9th class students but get separated due to circumstances playing spoilsport. However they try to renew their love years after, and whether they succeeded in their love the second time is what Malli raava is all about.

Sumanth, as usual, delivers a casual performance and excels in expressions. Akanksha Singh, though struggles initially with lip sync issues, later offers a decent performance. With most of the screenplay focusing on these 2 characters, the rest of the cast don't get an opportunity to perform much. When the main cast themselves doesn't have much to offer, there is nothing much to complain with the junior artists and the supporting cast Akanksha Singh is pretty beautiful, but she is stone-faced for most of the time. She is a Physiotherapist in her real life, but she rarely does emote by moving a muscle. Also, the weak plot doesn't compliment much to the benefit of the casting department. 

Shravan Bharadwaj gives a pleasing BGM, but his songs don't appeal much. The cinematography is good, and editing could have been better, as the screenplay drags big time.  The song's placement is even worse. How on earth, such places could have songs? The production values are good, but with a flawed screenplay and a weak narration, all the rest goes in vain. The positives in this movie are too low to be found out! 

Gowtam Ninnanuri has joined hands with Sumanth, in his attempt to resurrect his career, and has chosen the ever safe formula of love story. But however, in his attempt to portray a unique love story, he fails big time, as the characters lack emotional depth, and the reason for their break-up is amateurish, besides, the screenplay oscillating between different time periods is poorly edited and joined, giving the viewer instant boredom. All said, despite earnest performances of Sumanth and Akanksha, Malli raava ends up as a tiresome movie experience.

Sumanth,Aakanksha Singh,Gowtam Tinnanuri,Rahul Yadav Nakka,Shravan BharadwajA love story that neither entertains nor connects to the audience. Better luck Next time Sumanth.

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