Star cast: SrihariNeenu Karthika
Producer: Sujatha DeviDirector: Sadha

తెలుగు రివ్యూ: పోలీస్ గేమ్

What Is Good: Hmmm….

What Is Bad: Everything

Boring Scenes: dragged Second half

Watch It or Not?: NO NO NO!!

Police Game ReviewStory

DGP Naidu (Kota Srinivasa Rao) worried about present state youth problem finds drugs as culprit behind this. Takes his friend/Chief Minister’s help to solve this problem and appoints encounter specialist Radha Krishna (Srihari) as head of Operation Drug Mafia. On the other hand Siri (Srihari’s Sister) falls in love with Karthik (a Drug Addict) and gets engaged with him. Realizing her true love Karthik plans to leave drugs and help Radha Krishna in solving drugs issue with a master chip. In this procedure Karthik falls in the trap of Mafia. Will Karthik help in saving society from drugs? Will Radha Krishna end operation Dieing Young India? Will Siri and Karthik get marry in the end forms the rest of the crux of the story.

Police Game ReviewStarPerformances

Srihari who hasn't been doing a main lead character for quite a while is back with a film that looks more like an extension of the kind of films that he had done prior to his short break from films. Srihari seems on comfortable zone, and does an okay job of playing the police officer. His focus seems more to be on those stunts than on his acting abilities, and he neatly executes them. Even good actors like Kota Srinivasa Rao & Bhramanandam are wasted. Neenu Karthika adds some glamour in the scenes, but as an actor she hardly emotes. Even Payal fails to impress. The politicians who have donned a few key roles in the film seem to be on strange turf.

Police Game ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

There are many flaws in the movie. First of all, script should have been polished enough to acquire a new present-day look. The story is more than 20 years old and most of the sequences are not only predictable but have been seen in a number of films earlier. Scenes like Srihari starting a pub - provide original drugs to drug addicts - make the drug supplier worried about his business – Terrorists join hands to supply drugs to Radha Krishna – get arrested- Srihari’s sister loves one of the main drug addicts – Srihari fails to save his life – going behind the rest of the drug mafia, test audience patience level to the core. Besides the lack of fresh elements, the movie gets dragging on quite a few occasions too. The songs composed by music director Srilekha are awful and DV Sahadeva Reddy seems to have made it worse by placing them at inappropriate times and spaces. The film starts off okay. The proceedings of the first five minutes look fine. But then the narration becomes predictable and boredom is sure to set in for the viewers. The first half of the film tests your patience and the silly, illogical narration continues in the second part too. Sahadeva Reddy has narrated the film in an old-fashioned manner. Real star’s Real stunts were missing in this action entertainer. Fights were unnatural. In a digital period 5D cams trend cinematographer provides a b-grade visuals. Deva Productions banner production values are average.

Police Game ReviewAnalysis

Police Game is poor in content, visuals and music made very much like an amateurish product. Taking a long time to unwind, this story is chastening with a few awful tunes and z grade cinematography. The proceedings run in snail pace with no unusual presentation. Police game may perhaps go down as one of the worst films of Srihari who had a decent fan following few years ago.

Bottom Line : Police Game is a real test on the nerves.

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