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Shiva a professional photographer falls in love with architect Lasya (Deesha Pandey) in the first sight. With his assets Shiva starts stalking Lasya. In the meanwhile Jai (Sethu) and Mythili (Richa Panai) get married. In their happy married life a MMS starts raising ripples in their relationship. Shiva plans to propose Lasya, but Lasya attempts suicide on the same night. Why did Lasya commit suicide? Who created MMS & how Jai handles the situation forms rest of the storyline.

Prince has nothing much to do, with a mobile phone glued on to his ears (Second Half) and camera on his shoulders (First Half). Sethu is limited in his character, but major sequences in the second half include him. Director failed to establish the relationship between Prince and Sethu in the movie via. Phone. Deesha Pandey is pretty in her role. As story revolves around her, director failed to elevate her character in the second half. Richa Panai have to work on her histrionics. She is fine in intial scenes. Manobala is okay in his small role. Rest of the characters in the film are ordinary and fails to support the lead cast.

The story line of the film is very simple works on the typical blackmailing concept between a happy couples. Manasunu Maaya Seyake has some similarities with recently released Love U Bangaram. The film fails to keep the viewers interested for its two and a half hour long show time. MMS looks like an immature attempt from the word go. Sureesh could have tried to work with good technicians who could have helped him, but he trusted people who are inexperienced in handling film related work. Technically also the film is bad. Most of the sequences in the film lack credibility. Sureesh has not focused on the continuity aspect while many sequences are repeated and expose the director's lack of knowledge about filmmaking. The director even failed to check the lip sync in the film. Dialogues are bookish.

Music by Manikanth is alright. The picturization of songs is mediocre. The second song with nice locales is nicely done. All songs are picturized with lot of care. Cinematography is neat. Editing should have been crisp as there is lag in the movie (runtime is more). Production values are good.

First half of the move is uninteresting and second half of the film is dragged. The major problem with MMS it’s neither has entertaining values nor has an engaging narration to support its storyline. Director completely failed to handle a simple storyline, which could have narrated in a promising way with some entertainment values. On the whole, MMS is a total disappointment and a waste of time, to say the least.

Prince,Sethu,Suresh P Kumar,Jaison Pullikottil,Manikanth Kadri.A Typical Harassment to the Audience

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