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Prakash (Nani) who believes in a motto "Paisaye Paramathma" works as a Sherwani model for Ads Company. Noor (Catherine Tresa) a Muslim gal falls in loves with Pracash. But for his love for Cash, Nani always ignores Noor. In the meanwhile, Sanyasi Naidu - Saradhi (Bharath) competes in By-Elections in Royalapatnam. Daughter of Sanayasi Naidu Sweetie (Siddhika Sharma) gets close with Prakash, seeing their closeness Noor accepts Yadav (RK)'s deal to dance in a Moojara. On the other hand, to make Sanayasi Naidu lose in elections Saradhi plans to steal his 50 Crores fund from Hawala. But things turns around and Pracash gets in the middle of this operation gets out with 50 Crores saving Noor from Yadav. How will Pracash find the money? How will he manage to save 50 Crores from the four gangs? How Nani wriggles out of the situation and marry Noor forms the rest of the storyline.

Coming to Performances in Paisa. Pra-Cash is a tailor made character for Nani. He performed well within his limitations. Iddaramailatho fame Catherine Tresa is promising in her role. Siddhika Sharma sizzled in the song, she is limited in the film. Charan Raj is apt as Sanayasi Raju, as a rude Politician and loving father. Tabar is okay in his extended cameo. Duvvasi Mohan, Raja Ravinder, Bharath are wasted in small roles.

A Paisa based film is usually about an underdog, who gets a huge amount due to his luck and struggles to save the money, Paisa is the same. What it lacks though is the excitement of Shivaji, the emotions of Swami Ra Ra. The pace is pretty slow in the first half but gets better in the second half due to investigations and search parties. The scene where Nani finds the Money and the Holi sequence is very well shot. Movie missing the creative Krishna Vamsi's creativity in Paisa.

Screenplay (Padmasri-K. K. Benoji -Patrikeya) of the film is placid and dull, The Narration takes the beaten path. Dialogues in the film are routine. Cinematography by Santhosh Rai is middling. Colour Grading and Visual style never pleases the eyes. The music of the film is good. But these songs are not translated into good visuals with KVM style on screen. The Background Score is loud from Sai Karthik. Editing in the film is okay. Production values Ramesh Puppala are good.

These are hard times for Telugu Cinegoers as good movies are hard to find. The poor viewer is not demanding trailblazing or superb art at the movies. All they want is paisa vasool entertainers. Krishna Vamsi's Paisa could have been a great entertainer, unfortunately it isn't!

Nani,Catherine Tresa,Krishna Vamshi,Ramesh Puppala,Sai Karthik. Paisa is bromidic and runs at the pace nerve-racking.

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