Accordingly these are certain things you don't need to tell a Bengalurean about, like, going from Indira Nagar to MG Road on a Monday morning could take hours or that going to Mekhri Circle on the eve of Deepawali will include hours of waiting time in traffic. Meanwhile another recent report that Bengaluru is the most congested and the second slowest city in India provides further evidence for the age old grouse by the city residents.

Accordingly the report titled ‘Mobility and Congestion in Urban India’, published by US based  National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), found Bengaluru to be the most congested city in the country followed by Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. Furthermore the report further found that Bengaluru was the second slowest city in terms of traffic speeds only behind Kolkata. Reportedly the researchers studied 154 Indian cities and measured trips based on the web-mapping service, Google Maps.

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Moreover the report further stated that policies should be framed to address the concerns of congestion at the heart of Bengaluru. Further the report comes a week after cab aggregator Ola released a report, which stated that Bengaluru's infamous slow traffic is the third slowest among 20 cities surveyed in India, only behind Patna and Kolkata.

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