Salman married his dabangg co-star???

Salman Khan is known as an eligible bachelor in the film industry. Be it an interview or an award show, salman khan is definitely asked when will he get married. salman himself says that he got tired of answering this question, but those who asked did not lose courage. Now the marriage of salman Bhai is waiting, so what to do then questions will arise. Now in the meantime, a picture went viral and people were surprised to see that Salman married his dabangg costar, Sonakshi Sinha.

A picture of salman khan and Sonakshi is becoming very viral on social media. In this picture, salman khan is seen in the groom's clothes. At the same time, actress sonakshi sinha is looking like a bride wearing vermilion in demand. Seeing the picture, people are surprised that how did this happen? 

The truth of the viral photo

The picture of sonakshi sinha and salman Khan's wedding which is going viral on social media is false. This picture has been prepared on a computer using Photoshop. There is no truth in this, earlier, the picture of aamir khan and fatima sana shaikh went viral. In this picture, the photo was made viral by fitting Fatima's face on the face of kiran rao standing with Aamir. Now we are also waiting for Salman's wedding, but please do not rejoice by believing in such false pictures, look at the picture carefully and understand the difference between real and fake. 

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