Ruckus on KRK's post about two big stars...

KRK, who has become a film critic from an actor, is seen posting some controversial posts every day. Sometimes about the issue related to the country and sometimes his tweets on the bollywood industry are often seen going viral. At the same time, recently he has made a surprising comment on Eid's special pictures of salman khan and Shahrukh Khan. He has told the crowd of fans seen in the pictures of Salman-Shahrukh as a liar. He says that these two big stars of bollywood collect false fans outside the bungalow.

Comment on Salman's post

KRK has made the first tweet regarding the Eid special photo of Bollywood's salman khan, in which salman is seen standing on the balcony and a huge crowd of fans is being seen in front of him. Sharing this picture, KRK wrote- It would have cost a lot of money to hire so many people. Because of this post, many people have trolled KRK fiercely on the internet.

Comment on Shahrukh's post

At the same time, after salman, KRK targeted Shahrukh Khan's Eid post. KRK wrote- 'If this public doesn't go to Hrithik, Akshay, and Aamir's house, then why does the old man come to the actors' house? When their film is played in the theatre, they do not go to see it.. why? Because you get money to come here and you have to pay to go to theatres. Let us tell you that even before this, KRK has been in trouble because of attacking salman Khan's film 'Radhe'. At the same time, now social media users are seen taking KRK's class because of targeting the Eid post.

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