aryan Case: 'We were shown like monsters'

aryan Khan Case: 'We were shown like monsters', NCB official told Shahrukh's 'Mann Ki Baat'

Shahrukh Khan's son aryan Khan has got a clean chit from the drug case. aryan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) after a raid on a cruise ship off Mumbai. After this aryan was also in jail for a few days. During this, shahrukh khan united night and day to bring their son aryan out of jail. However, not a single statement was given by the Khan family on this whole matter of it.

Actually, NCB officer sanjay singh has given an interview, in which he mentioned shahrukh khan and his meeting, which happened after aryan Khan's arrest. sanjay singh told that Shahrukh had met him. Then he asked about Aryan's physical and mental health. king Khan had also requested the NCB officer to allow him to meet his son. But he could not do so.

sanjay singh said, 'Shah Rukh alleged that his son is being defamed without any evidence'. In this conversation, shahrukh khan also said with moist eyes, 'We are portrayed as some big criminals or demons, who have come to destroy the society.'

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