General Maharaja Rama Rao On Duty, ravi Teja's upcoming film, is currently in theatres. With this movie, Sarath Mandava makes his telugu film debut. The female lead actors in the movie are divyansha kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan. A scene from the movie was leaked on social media before of the movie's tomorrow release. The video that was leaked seems to be a crucial action moment in the movie. In the scene, ravi teja can be seen issuing stern instructions to the lawmakers.

He is seen delivering the following speech and sternly admonishing the thugs. Ye party oh Naku Anavasaram, Rey, Meeru Evaro In addition to Evaraina Sare, Adhikaram lo Unnam kada ani, Kondalu Tavvestham, Cheruvulu Poodchestham, and Addamga Bhoomulu Kottestham, "chedham anukunte ani dourjanyam..." ravi teja appears in the movie as a government official, and the movie appears to have a strong social message.

Concerned about the leaked film, the team is investigating how the scene was exposed. The film is venu Thottempudi's return to telugu cinema, and he played a significant part in it. With the 2019 telugu movie "Majili," model-turned-actress divyansha kaushik made her acting debut. Now, the stunning woman is releasing "Rama Rao on Duty" with ravi Teja.

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