varun Tej worked tirelessly to develop Ghani's muscle, but in vain. The film turned out to be one of Varun's worst letdowns in his career. varun Tej received praise for his timing and facial expressions when he arrived at F3, but he had to share the glory with a big star ensemble that included Venkatesh, Tamannah, and others. Recently, varun Tej has not received any updates. The truth is that varun Tej has been waiting to begin his next project.

Varun Tej agreed to star in a film under praveen Sattaru's direction, but production was delayed because of the latter's commitment to Nagarjuna's Ghost movie. praveen sattaru won't be accessible for the next five weeks, according to rumours. All of the directors listed on the form are already occupied with their respective obligations. Additionally, varun Tej doesn't have any combos or storylines prepared right soon.

Therefore, varun Tej will have to wait for the time being. praveen Sattaru's film is met with scepticism by varun Tej as well. Despite the fact that it is official, the young actor appears to be waiting to see how Ghost pans out. varun Tej only had four releases in the previous four years, contrary to the current trend of young heroes who release at least two films year. The Mega Hero's enormous lineup after praveen Sattaru's movie needs to be viewed.

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