Telangana assembly election polling started today morning. Since morning, common people as well as celebrities are reaching the polling booth to exercise their right to vote. In this order, Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, ntr, Allu Arjun, Nani, Nithin, Keeravani, Teja, shivaji Raja, and sumanth are casting their vote one by one in Hyderabad. junior ntr along with his mother shalini and wife Lakshmi Pranathi came and voted. Along with the common people, he stood in line and cast his vote. 

On this occasion, while queuing to vote, junior spoke to some YouTube channel people who were there and now it became interesting. When assembly elections are going on in Telangana, people from media and YouTube channels are taking photos and videos of ntr standing in the queue line with his wife and mother at the polling booth in Hyderabad.  NTR spoke to them on this occasion. As part of this, "Won't you vote.?" junior ntr asked. 

A person responded to this.. "We will put it after you vote. But not everyone will put it, but only half of them will put it." ntr heard that.. "Half a thousand people!?" He expressed surprise! While Jr. ntr was talking to them, his wife and mother were smiling. Currently, this video.. the comments related to it are going viral.

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