After the lavish wedding of priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas, the couple invested in a $20 million luxurious home in Los Angeles, embarking on a new chapter of their life. The duo meticulously renovated and decorated the house to reflect their individual tastes, sharing glimpses of their stunning abode on social media.

However, recent reports suggest that the couple has faced unexpected issues with their dream home. Severe water leakage has damaged various parts of the house, leading priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas to take legal action against the person who sold them the property. The couple filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the damages caused by the water leakage.

The current estimated value of the house is around $165 million, and the cost of repairs alone amounted to $2.5 million. The legal proceedings add a new dimension to their homeownership experience, as they navigate the challenges of maintaining their dream home.

The house, boasting seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, chef's kitchen, home theatre, spa, steam shower, gym, billiards room, and a swimming pool, represents a haven for the couple. Despite the legal hurdles, priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas' home remains a symbol of their shared life, inviting admiration and support from their fans, especially the indian community in America.

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