Tollywood actor sandeep Kishan, known for his versatile roles, is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, 'Uru Parama Bhairavakona,' scheduled to hit theatres on february 16. As part of the film's promotions, sandeep Kishan has been actively participating in interviews, addressing various aspects of his career. In a recent interview, he candidly shared his thoughts on the failure of the movie 'Michael,' in which he played a key role.

Acknowledging the film's underwhelming performance at the box office, sandeep Kishan stated, "It is true that the movie 'Michael' did not perform well in theaters. Besides the movie's revenue, I was not satisfied with the final output. I conveyed the same to the director. We had solid footage, and if some magic had happened in terms of editing, 'Michael' could have been a fantastic film."

Sandeep Kishan elaborated on the issues surrounding 'Michael,' mentioning that the film had three producers, and opinions about its potential success varied among them. One of the producers expressed concerns about the film's quality just 12 days before its release. sandeep Kishan admitted that due to time constraints and pressure, he did not reevaluate the final cut. However, upon watching the movie a day before its release, he realized that it did not turn out as expected.

While praising the technical aspects of 'Michael' and the efforts put into visual effects, sandeep Kishan admitted that the film fell short in connecting the entire story with the audience. Despite anticipating the outcome, sandeep Kishan found it challenging to face the disappointing result of 'Michael.'

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