Bollywood actor vidyut jammwal has recently made headlines after reports claimed that he was detained by the mumbai Railway police for performing dangerous stunts. Vidyut, known for his expertise in martial arts and action sequences, has not responded to these reports. Previously, Vidyut gained attention when he shared photos of himself living in the himalayas without any warm clothing. Those pictures went viral on social media.

In a recent development, vidyut jammwal has been in the news again after a bollywood critic publicly accused him on Twitter. The critic, sumit, posted a screenshot showing that Vidyut had blocked him and made a tweet tagging him. The tweet said, "It's a crime to ask for a bribe anywhere, it's also a crime to give it. But is it my crime to not give a bribe? You know you're a criminal every time you compliment." This tweet has been widely shared on social media.

In response, sumit posted another tweet clarifying, "Folks. I am clarifying my earlier tweet. It is not for any superstar or current generation stars.. but for someone else who thinks of himself as Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, even if he is not a star." The exact details of the incident and the context of these tweets are not entirely clear, and vidyut jammwal has not responded at the time of this information.

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