On the occasion of tollywood superstar ram Charan's birthday, social media is abuzz with wishes pouring in from fans and celebrities alike. Charan's fans are already enthralled by the song "Happen" from his upcoming movie "Game Changer," though opinions on its quality vary. Nonetheless, the excitement is palpable.

Charan marked his special day by visiting sri venkateswara swamy in tirumala with his wife Upasana and daughter Kleenkara, seeking blessings from the divine. Warm wishes also came from members of the Mega Family, including Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, and Allu Arjun. Additionally, the unit of Charan's upcoming movie "RC 16" extended their grand wishes, unveiling a special poster for the occasion.

Shankar, the director of "Game Changer," shared heartfelt birthday wishes for Charan on social media, accompanied by the release of the song "Zarihandi." He praised Charan's persona, likening him to the calm before the storm and expressing admiration for his simplicity and humanity. Shankar's tweet hints at a strong bond formed between him and Charan during the making of the film, evident from Charan's fans' unusual replies to the director's tweet.

 It's clear that Charan's impressive demeanor has left an indelible mark on Shankar, known for his discerning eye for talent. Recollections of director Rajamouli's praise for Charan during the pre-release function of the blockbuster hit movie "RRR" resurface, where he lauded Charan's silent but powerful presence on set. Charan's fans are now jubilant, celebrating their favorite star's ability to impress both on and off-screen.

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