Celebrities are often caught on camera during seemingly candid moments outside gyms, airports, and restaurants. However, the mystery behind how photographers seem to anticipate their every move has now been unveiled by national award-winning actress Priyamani. In a candid revelation, priyamani disclosed that these "spontaneous" photoshoots are anything but unplanned.

 According to her, actors pay photographers to capture their pictures and inform them in advance about their whereabouts. priyamani boldly stated that the seemingly impromptu snapshots are orchestrated events, dispelling the illusion of natural encounters. She further acknowledged that actors, in fact, pay a considerable sum to photographers for their services, which includes staging such photoshoots.

 The actress admitted that she became aware of this practice relatively late in her career. The revelation by priyamani sheds light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of celebrity photoshoots. It brings into question the authenticity of many seemingly casual moments captured by paparazzi and raises awareness about the orchestrated nature of these encounters. The actress's comment has sparked discussions about the prevalence of similar practices in the telugu film industry, prompting fans to reflect on the true nature of the glamorous images that flood social media platforms. 

Priyamani's revelation has become a viral topic, inviting reactions and commentary from fans and netizens alike, who express surprise and curiosity about the underlying stories behind these carefully curated photo sessions.

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