Actress sameera reddy has been an advocate for body positivity, openly discussing the challenges she faced in the film industry and her journey towards self-acceptance. In a recent interview with tv presenter Sanjana Ganesan, Sameera shared her experiences of body shaming and the pressures she encountered in her career.

Sameera revealed that she had faced extreme insecurity at one point, with suggestions to alter her beauty sizes to fit certain expectations. In her pursuit of the ideal body size, she considered undergoing surgery but decided against it at the last minute.

Reflecting on the pressures of the industry, Sameera expressed that being a certain size at one point jeopardized her mental and physical health. She admitted to trying various fads and engaging in excessive exercise, which resulted in hormonal imbalances that she now regrets. Sameera emphasized that the consequences of such choices come with age, and she feels remorseful about the decisions she made in the past.

Opening up about her insecurities, Sameera shared that as a teenager, she was a chubby girl with dark skin, thick glasses, and felt unattractive. Becoming an actress only intensified her insecurities, leading to self-deprecation. However, Sameera acknowledged that social media has provided a platform for her to discuss topics like stretch marks, gray hair, and hormonal imbalances.

 She mentioned that OTT platforms have become a game-changer, allowing actors to showcase their talent without being solely judged on physical appearance. Sameera concluded by stating that she started discussing her experiences on social media, addressing stretch marks, grey hair, and hormonal issues. While there was initially a mixed response, she noted a positive change over time, with people understanding that perfection is not necessary and embracing the idea that individuals don't need to look perfect.

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