The world of bollywood is often filled with tales of affairs, breakups, marriages, and divorces, and one such story that stands out involves the renowned actress rekha from the 1970s era. rekha, known for her stellar performances and rumoured affairs, made headlines when she tied the knot with delhi businessman mukesh Aggarwal. 

Their marriage, solemnized on march 4, 1990, at mukteshwar Devalaya temple in Juhu, ended abruptly within six months due to undisclosed reasons. Reports surfaced that soon after their wedding, rekha discovered unsettling truths about mukesh, leading to frequent conflicts between the couple. One significant point of contention was Rekha's reluctance to part ways with her secretary, Farzana, which strained the relationship further. 

Unable to reconcile their differences, rekha and mukesh decided to part ways, culminating in a divorce just half a year after their marriage. Tragically, the aftermath of their separation took a devastating turn when mukesh Aggarwal, grappling with the shock of divorce, took his own life. In a chilling suicide note, mukesh expressed his wishes for the care of his children and explicitly stated that rekha should not receive any portion of his estate. 

Despite rumours suggesting otherwise, it was revealed by close associates, including former delhi Police Commissioner neeraj kumar and Mukesh's brother, that rekha never made any claims about her late husband's wealth. This episode in Rekha's life remains a sombre reminder of the complexities that can arise in relationships, even amidst the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. The tragic end to her marriage to mukesh Aggarwal underscores the profound impact that personal struggles can have, transcending the realm of fame and fortune.

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