Car Sales Report: This brand became number one in car sales, Hyundai and Tata also remained behind

Car Sales Report May 2024: The sales report for May 2024 has come out. In this list, once again the names of Tata Motors, maruti Suzuki, and hyundai are included in the list of top 3 brands.

Car Sales Report in India: The sales report of all the vehicles of May 2024 has come out. The figures of how many units of these car models were sold along with their brands have also come out. Many big brands keep trying to get ahead in this race. To further increase the sales of their brand, many types of offers are also given on vehicles, which affects the sales of the vehicle.

Who became number one among the top 3 brands?

Talking about the top 3 car brands in the May 2024 sales report, once again the names of maruti Suzuki, hyundai, and Tata Motors are included in this list. maruti Suzuki has maintained its dominance among these three car manufacturers. The company's sales have seen a growth of 4.4 percent as compared to April.

Maruti Suzuki shines

Maruti Suzuki sold 1,37,952 units in april 2024. At the same time, in May 2024, 1,44,002 units were sold with a growth of 4.4 percent in this sale. After a year, only a marginal increase of 0.2 percent can be seen in this sale as compared to May 2023. In May 2023, maruti sold 48,601 units.

Hyundai remained at number 2

In the May 2024 sales report, car manufacturer hyundai stood second. In May, the company sold 49,151 units, which is 2.1 percent less than in april 2024. In april, the company sold 50,201 units. If we compare the sales report of May 2023 to May 2024, hyundai has gained 1.1 percent over last year, as in May 2023, hyundai sold 48,601 units.

Tata got third place

Tata Motors' sales have declined by 2.5 percent as compared to april 2024. Tata sold 47,885 units in April. At the same time, the company sold 46,700 units in May. At the same time, if we compare the report of May month of this year with the report of last year, then in May 2023, the company sold 45,880 units, which is showing an increase of 1.8 percent.

These brands were included in the top 10 list

In the May 2024 four-wheeler sales report, maruti Suzuki came first, hyundai got second and Tata Motors got third place. mahindra secured the fourth position in this list. In this year's May sales report, toyota came fifth, Kia sixth, and honda seventh. MG Motors stood eighth, Renault ninth and Volkswagen ranked tenth.

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