By equating the relationship between naresh and Pavitra with that of Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan, social media users are teasing. The narrative has gained popularity ever since pawan kalyan and Chandranbu met at the latter's home in Hyderabad. The ministers and leaders of the ycp claim that they have long since made public the secret relationship between Pawan and Chandrababu.

By drawing parallels between this and the previously made announcement of the union of naresh and Pavitra Lokesh, internet users added some masala and began teasing. naresh also made a video on this issue, which drew internet trolls. It is also reported that ramya Raghupathi, Naresh's third wife, approached the media and enquired as to how he might wed Pavitra without divorcing her. The family problem has been a contentious one in the media for a while.

As of right now, ramya and bjp are being compared, as are Chandrababu and naresh, and Pawan and Pavitra Lokesh. With a lot of trolling, this triangle-shaped love tale has now been made public. Many people think it's wise that naresh made Pavitra and his relationship public, as opposed to Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan. While ramya continues to trail naresh despite his obvious affection for Pavitra, the bjp is likewise indicating that it will maintain its ties with Pawan despite his open affection for CBN. social media has now widely shared this analogy.

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