In spite of the COVID pandemic, he claimed, "the investments have now climbed to Rs. 15,000 crore per annum and numerous works have been grounded in the YSRCP government." pawan kalyan was criticised by gudivada amarnath, the minister of industries and commerce, for instilling false hopes in the Kapu group. The minister claimed that the Jana Sena leader has been acting as if he has the right to speak for the Kapu community while he is attempting to pledge its interests to chandrababu naidu, who mistreated the vangaveeti Ranga family. He criticised Pawan for failing to denounce the tdp leader, who during his five-year administration defrauded every sector of society.

Amarnath remarked the following in reference to the recent killings at chandrababu naidu rallies: "Instead of comforting the relatives of persons who died in stampedes during the tdp rallies, pawan kalyan has unapologetically consoled Naidu who was completely responsible for their deaths. While appearing like a villain in politics, Pawan may be a hero in film. "Y S jagan Mohan reddy will remain a permanent hero in politics," he continued. Dharmana Prasada Rao, the minister of revenue, also criticised pawan kalyan for being a part-time politician and not taking his job seriously.

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